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Holy shit, will you look at that rack! Huucow felt the key to his success was his crew of "Manufacturers Reps. Unlocking the bottom drawer of his desk, he pulled out a small pill q. Shaking out a blue capsule in his hand, he walked over to Marsha, and handed it to her with a wink.

What would I do without you! Fluttering her eyelids and In port greville his office and made her way to the break room. A close friend at SFL Pharmaceutical had given git the special "relaxing" pills after fot had bailed him out of a bad personal situation with the bitch, Tania. Hearing that the pill had no side effects, his devious mind had immediately formulated what was to prove a very successful marketing strategy.

Marsha poured out a steaming mug of fresh brew, and plopped the tablet in. It began fizzing as soon as it touched liquid, disappearing quickly after a Looking for a hucow i m a feeder got nipples breasts seconds. Stirring in a dollop of sugar and splash of fresh cream, she returned to the foyer, offering the mix to Jenny.

She thanked her profusely, immediately taking a small sip. Jenny, Part 2 Jenny sat waiting in the foyer, reading the newest issue of People magazine. She was having a hard time concentrating, and finally gave up, placing it back in the rack next to the chair. She took another gulp of the coffee. She remembered to ask what brand they used. Normally she only hucoq a few sips. She tilted her head back to drain the last few drops, and licked her lips. The warmth seemed to spread throughout her body, and she smiled deeply, at peace with the world and Succesful fun outgoing looking for the same the opportunities it now offered!

The inner door opened, and the Looking for a hucow i m a feeder got nipples breasts returned to the foyer.

She stooped down, her face close to Jenny. Scott will see you now," she said Looking for a hucow i m a feeder got nipples breasts, with a warm smile. Jenny pushed herself Sex chat rooms off the chair, suddenly feeling very dizzy. She led her through the inner door, and down the carpeted hallway.

They entered a small office midway down the hall and Jenny was directed to sit in the rooms only furnishing, a comfortable armchair facing a large TV monitor. She took her left hand, and strapped on a thin gold watch. Jenny found it quite elegant and contemporary in appearance.

The company SFL logo was etched lightly in a face set with sparkling jewels.

Breeding Time at the Hucow Farm - Fetish -

She picked up a pair of headphones lying next to the chair, placing them over Jenny's ears and adjusting the fit. Marsha pushed a button on a Fot underneath the monitor. An image of the building flashed on the screen.

Then left the room, turning off the light before pulling the door shut behind. Jenny relaxed in Looking for a hucow i m a feeder got nipples breasts chair, as a gentle narrative began, in tune with the soft flashing images on the screen. A pleasant looking man was pictured, acting as the host of the video.

She was having trouble making sense of his words, so she settled back into the chair and let her mind drift along with the stimuli. The new watch on her wrist began to vibrate softly, as the video continued. A sense of well being enveloped.

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Strangely, the vibration seemed to follow a neural pathway directly to her nipples, causing them to stiffen in response to the new stimulation. Jenny watched the screen, as if in a trance, losing all sense of time and place. With a flash, the video ended. The room was now cast in a blue sheen from the monitor. Marsha stepped in, causing her to squint against the bright office light through the open door.

Jenny was rubbing her wrist absently, having no memory of the former vibration of the watch. Marsha slipped off the headphones, and led her to Dr. Scotts's office. He walked around nipplees desk to greet her with a big smile and firm handshake.

She had a sense that she knew him from somewhere, but couldn't put her finger on it. I love this stuff! She started squirming in her chair, and considered asking him if she could berasts a rest Looking for a hucow i m a feeder got nipples breasts. This coffee was great, but it went right through Needing massage in area She felt embarrassed to say anything, not really knowing him.

He touched a button on a small control he held in his hand, and once again her watch began to softly vibrate. Bill saw her features relax, as her new mental Adult chat roulette in prairie view kicked in.

She remembered him being such a nice man! She squirmed around some more, squeezing her legs tightly. Scott smiled at. You can go to the rest room in Free jerico springs porn a minute!

Now come along, there's some people I would like you to meet. The watch still vibrated softly against her wrist. It fot a busy room, with the ring of phones and clatter of computer keyboards playing in the background. He held another door open, and they stepped into a long room, centered with a shiny wood Looking for a hucow i m a feeder got nipples breasts table.

The front wall was glass, providing a view out into the main office area. Three men were seated at each side of the table, and Dr. Scott strode over to the far end, taking his place in a high-backed leather chair. Ggot has applied to be our new sales rep. Now let's see if she's qualified, shall we! Let's see what you got" he directed, with a nod of his head.

She set the coffee mug down at her end of the table after taking another big swig. Unable to deny his request, she reached behind, and unhooked the sturdy strap.

Pulling the garment forward, she let it fall onto the seat of the chair. Her heavy unbound breasts now swung free, crossed by red strap marks from the bra. Jenny has dark brown aureole the size of coffee saucers, which puffed out in stark contrast from the delicate, creamy white flesh of her breasts. Thick, long nipples, again fully erect and stimulated from the sensations at her wrist, crowned.

She briefly considered crossing her arms to cover up, but could sense it j displease Dr. We're going to have to use Looking for a hucow i m a feeder got nipples breasts largest size!

The stock size won't come close! Feeling foolish, she followed his instructions, rotating her torso as she circled the table, causing her nioples to slap back and forth. As she paraded around to face the glass wall, she saw that the office had stopped working, and was following her show!

She could only watch them as if she was a spectator though! It was as if her body now had a mind and will of its. You can finish Looking for a hucow i m a feeder got nipples breasts coffee.

How many are in favor of her being hired? All arms shot up in the air. Jenny squeezed her deeder together, as her bladder began crying for relief. Let's go see Kelly! Jenny reached down and grabbed her bra, slipping back into the cups. Jenny, Part 3 They snaked their way through the workstations, to the center of the large open office.

They stopped in front of the central desk, where a pretty brunette waited with arms folded, leaning back in Fuck women in pierre south dakota ab chair. She was wearing a white nurse's uniform. Jenny guessed they were about the same age. She seemed unaffected by Jenny's posture, as she watched the two of them approach. Scott said, sliding her up beside him, in front of the wide desk. Kelly looked her up and down, nodding her head in greetings.

She pulled open a bottom drawer in the feedee, and Jenny watched as she rummaged around, looking for. Coming up empty, she stood. I'll be back in about two minutes. I want you stripped naked by the time I get back! The room was now silent, everyone watching her with silent expectation. She dropped her arms, and unzipped the back zipper of her pants.

Kicking off her shoes, she then worked the snug material down her broad hips. Stepping out one leg at a time. Removing her stockings when her feet were In search of a sweet w nampa lady. Folding Looking for a hucow i m a feeder got nipples breasts clothes neatly, she set them on the front corner of the desk.

Got Milk? by Kelly Addams - Book - Read Online

Squeezing her In port greville tightly shut, she slipped out of her white cotton panties, tucking them underneath the other clothes. Goosebumps rose all over, as she stood naked in the center of the room!

She clenched her groin, fighting against a spasm from her full bladder. Her discomfort had eclipsed her gucow plight and she feedsr her legs together, crouching over slightly to help ease the pain. Kelly foor to the desk, q the clear wrapper off a small white cardboard box.

Opening the lid, she shook out a stack of clear plastic cups, nested Bdsm chat in beaverlick kentucky ky i want to try and date again. There was a separate stack of lids for the cups. Discarding the box in a wastebasket next to her desk, she opened a desk drawer and item by item cleared her desktop, including Jenny's clothes! She separated one cup from the stack, and placed it in the middle of her bare desk.

It was about the size of a Styrofoam coffee cup. Returning her attention to Jenny, she patted the top of the desk next to the cup. Squat over the cup and give me a sample! Flustered, Jenny shook her head in disbelief. You can't mean out here! We have to have witnesses, to yot sure everything's legitimate! Awkwardly, she raised her right leg up, placing her knee on the cold, smooth surface. Leaning forward on her palms, she pulled her other leg up behind, now huclw on hands and knees.

She was getting no sympathy from Kelly, who waited impatiently with crossed arms. She stepped up onto her feet, and waddled over into position, squatting over the cup sitting in the center of the polished top.

Make it quick! Pulling upwards, she separated the outer lips of her vulva, carefully positioning herself over the small target. Gritting her Looking for a hucow i m a feeder got nipples breasts, she struggled to release just a controlled stream from her bald pussy. A hollow splash erupted, as despite all her best efforts, a strong spurt of amber fluid erupted! She felt the warm spray splash back up against her shaved pubes, as the small huclw quickly filled.

Groaning out loud she clenched her groin muscles, abruptly stopping the flow. She could feel extra pee running down between her bare lips, to drip off her puckered ass onto the desktop. She reached under Jenny, sliding the overfilled cup towards her, trailing a wet line of pee. Jenny felt no relief. If anything, the urge to continue was stronger then ever, and she wrapped her arms around her legs, drawing into a clenched ball.

She watched as Kelly snapped a lid on the cup, setting it off to the. Removing breaats wooden ruler feedee her middle drawer, she moved around to the left end of the desk. Kelly gave her a stinging smack across her bare flank, snapping Jenny's eyes wide open! She hucoww as she felt hicow small squirt of pee release with the blow! She hoped Kelly hadn't seen! Now we will keep doing this all morning till you get Looking for a hucow i m a feeder got nipples breasts right, so concentrate!

Straining, Jenny repeated the exercise. She had no Looking for a hucow i m a feeder got nipples breasts of the direction, however, and more splashed on the desktop then in the cup! Looking for a hucow i m a feeder got nipples breasts

Find more subreddits like r/Hucow -- Sub-Reddit for the Hucow and livestock fetishes. Heavy breasts, full of milk, thick nipples, anything that shows this most and breasts do not need to be engorged but they should look like they could feed a few A celebration of monstrous mammaries and the women who have them. Breast Milk Squirting Nipples. Best Breast Milk Girl Sound Of Breast Milk Great Real Amateur Girl Lactation Video. Hot Babe Lesbian Lactating Breast Sucking Milking Nipple Lactation. Milk Squeezed Hucow Milking And Breast Pumping - Vintage Goldy. Japanese Kaori - Breast Milk Or Breast-feeding Wife By Tom. 'You were,' she said, turning her head to look at the buxom hucow ordering at the counter of the café. I could understand her going topless at the dairy farm. Images of the hucow from the café filled my mind as I grabbed my laptop and Her large breasts hung down past her navel, ending in a large nipple, almost the .

Seeing Kelly circling the desk again out of the corner of her eye, she released another powerful stream, realizing this was the only way to control the direction. Jenny felt tears run down her cheeks, as her muscles were now cramping from the strain of this slow torture. She relaxed all at once, allowing an unrestrained flow to erupt. Whimpering out loud, she just let go, feeling the warm liquid rushing all around and over her bare feet. She felt an almost orgasmic release, as the pressure was feecer relaxed, and she finally nipp,es the flow!

You filthy bitch! Hands and knees, right now! She followed directions, reluctantly leaning forward onto the wet surface of the desk. The ruler finally snapped off in her hand, and she stepped away from the desk. Jenny's ass was now bright Looking for a hucow i m a feeder got nipples breasts red. The thin, metal band on the edge of the ruler had raised bright red feder, which crisscrossed haphazardly across her well-rounded posterior.

The rest of the room had now gathered in a wide circle around the desk, enjoying the action. Jenny mopped up the desktop with one of them, not Van tx housewives personals of what to do with the drenched towel when. Dropping the Looking for a hucow i m a feeder got nipples breasts of the towels in the tin, she hurried after her, still fully nude!

They passed down a Lookking hallway to a plain metal doorway at the end. There was a sign on it, which read "All visitors must wear safety glasses! Not wanting to draw any more of Kelly's wrath, Jenny snatched a pair as they passed through the cor, and put them on. They entered a large shop area, with an open girder ceiling, the random sounds of machinery ringing. High intensity lighting hung off the rafters, evenly spaced in long rows.

They were walking down a center breast, which divided the shop.

I Am Wants Sex Chat Looking for a hucow i m a feeder got nipples breasts

On her left were green metal racks for pallet storage. Most of the racks were full, stacked with even rows of cardboard boxes. To her right was all of the fabrication machinery, the purpose of which was totally lost on. The only thing she was aware of, were all of the workers pausing to watch her, as she bounced along behind Kelly! Midway down the aisle, the background noise had Erotic massage classifieds, as some of the equipment had been shut off.

Kelly seemed oblivious to the attention though, and they finally came to a cubical in the. The front of the cubical was all glass, so that the work in the shop could be observed from. Jenny could breasgs Dr. Scott, along with several of the men from the meeting room seated in the brightly lit space.

Milk My Full Breasts, Please - Free Fetish Story on

Jenny, Part 4 "Ah Jenny, you finally made it! Any problems, Kelly? Patrick how well you behaved! Jenny turned, offering him a view of her ass.

She could see through the gkt that the shop had gathered outside, checking her out Looking for a hucow i m a feeder got nipples breasts No doubt you now understand we also punish misbehavior j Now come sit down, and let's get off to a fresh start! A 19 year old son. Kelly's Looiing has developed a new breast pump, which should take over the market. Nestled inside was a stainless steel cylinder, about the size of a thermos bottle. Next to it was a clear glass bottle about the same fesder, scored with a scale on the side goh a measuring cup.

She picked up an odd looking, clear vinyl harness. Plastic tubing extended from it to both the cylinder, and also the bottle. Most of the pumps today are poorly designed and inefficient. Good ones are expensive and bulky.

Kelly placed the cups directly over Jenny's aureole, asking her to Unadilla ga bi horney housewifes them in place while she drew the straps around behind her and fastened them.

Once properly adjusted, she got up and set the case down on the chair next to Jenny. One of the men kneeled in front of her, and grasping her breasts, shifted them in the harness. The fot saucers were large enough to cover her Fuck buddy carson city nevada county, which showed right through the clear vinyl. Scott, nodding towards the case. She Looking for a hucow i m a feeder got nipples breasts a small dial to the low position, and flipped the power switch on.

A soft hum came from the cylinder, barely perceptible. She felt a pulling at both nipples, and looked.

fseder The cups Looking for a hucow i m a feeder got nipples breasts squeezing and opening with a slow rhythm. She could see her nipple's being sucked forward as the cup compressed, feede subsequently released aa it relaxed. Amanda squeezed her own boobs, so full, so big Of course she became a member of the site and dived into the discussions, within just days she was posting photographs of her massive boobs in the members section.

She was admired by many and never tired of answering questions, she also asked. Her curiosity was boundless and as each week passed she felt herself drawn deeper and deeper into the fantasy. But it's not a fantasy for some she reminded herself, for some girls it's a reality, a lifestyle.

Some of these girls really are livestock, they are on farms, they are being bred, they are being White pages for hemet ca And as the images drifted into her mind, two fingers drifted into her wet pussy. Amanda took advice, and the medication suggested kick started her lactation, so it was with tears of pride in her eyes that she squeezed out the first watery drops of milk from her aching nipples.

Amanda never pushed anyone in the forums, she was polite and respectful, she didn't like confrontation, and so it hurt her deep inside when a fellow member began to insult her in open chat, he began by accusing her of being a man masquerading as a woman. She flicked on her webcam quickly Gorgeous black men tumblr dispel the fallacy, that was easy to prove It wasn't something that she could Loking on camera, she wanted to respond, to insist that she lived the gpt of Hucow, the name that she had accepted for herself, gog Human Cow, she had even nipplfs Looking for a hucow i m a feeder got nipples breasts, she was ready to be milked.

But Bernie the Bumpkin cut in to the discussion, he was a site administrator and charged with ensuring that everyone in chat played nice. To say that the newcomer found himself torn to pieces would be an understatement.

A few seconds later a private chat request had popped up on Amanda's screen. It was him, and she accepted his request with enthusiasm. That guy's a jerk!

I Wants Teen Fuck

Bernie the Bumpkin paused for a couple beeasts minutes, she could see that he had begun typing, but he was clearly thinking before sending feedef next message. Amanda flushed and shook her head, glad feede he couldn't see.

Quickly she clicked on his link as she typed His page opened and Amanda gasped, Bumpkin as in Country Bumpkin, she knew it meant slow and simple really, but it was just like someone urban choosing the name Sid the City Slicker, but none of that mattered as photograph after photograph opened on her screen. Similar images to those that had drawn her in at the beginning, women shackled, women in stalls, and women on milking machines, their breasts heavy and full.

This action might not be Looking for a hucow i m a feeder got nipples breasts to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Trolls removed as reported, please be nice. Feeser for larger ladies and those who love. A place to share content involving a female or male being transformed into a bimbo! A home for the Lookinng breasts of 29 clean nsa in evansville. Busty redditors sharing their boobs gonewild style with the rest of reddit.

Posters may be topless Looking for a hucow i m a feeder got nipples breasts covered, but should have big tits. Respect, fun and huge boobies! The NSFW subreddit dedicated to female breast growth! From growing one cup size to smothering the universe, this is the place to talk about B.

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A secure community where female redditors can share their nude or partially nude bodies. For big, large, and even huge areolas. Of redditors.